Ellis: The Ultimate Sink & Faucet Combo

Ellis: The Ultimate Sink & Faucet Combo

Welcome to our latest kitchen discovery: the KRAUS KCA-1200 Ellis Kitchen Combo Set. ⁤If you’re on the hunt for an upgrade ‌that seamlessly marries functionality and style, then look no further. Crafted by a team of experts who understand the demands of modern kitchens, ⁤this combo set is more than just a sink and faucet –‍ it’s a game-changer.

Picture this: a smart design​ with a ‌low divider, offering the spaciousness of a ⁣single bowl sink ‍while delivering ‍the functionality⁤ of a double bowl. No more juggling large pots and pans or worrying about overflow onto your‌ precious countertops. The⁣ deep and spacious 50/50‌ double bowl⁢ sink is a‍ dream⁢ for soaking⁤ and washing stacks of dishes, effortlessly ⁤accommodating your largest cookware.

But it’s‌ not just⁤ about space – durability ‌matters too. Constructed from TRU16 real 16-gauge ‍stainless steel, this​ sink ⁢is a true ​workhorse, dent-resistant and built to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of your ​kitchen. ⁣The satin finish not only adds ‍an elegant touch but also ensures it​ won’t dull over time, maintaining its⁢ allure for years to come.

And let’s talk about noise ​– or rather, the lack thereof. ⁢Thanks to NoiseDefend technology, washing dishes becomes a serene experience with minimal disturbance. Plus, the fully ⁢insulated ​design absorbs noise and vibration, so you can⁢ bid farewell to clanging and rattling.

Installation? A breeze. The undermount configuration creates a ‍seamless transition from sink⁢ to countertop, while the optimized slope ensures​ easy⁣ draining –‍ no more ​precarious⁤ balancing acts‌ for your fragile⁢ glassware.

But ⁤wait, there’s ‍more. This combo set comes ⁤complete with⁣ the Bolden pull-down commercial style ⁣faucet, adding a ​professional touch to your kitchen ​workspace. With its on-demand pull-down sprayer, switching from aerated stream to powerful spray is a‍ breeze, making everything from rinsing produce to heavy​ scrubbing a cinch.

So, if you’re ⁢ready to elevate your kitchen experience to new heights, the KRAUS KCA-1200 Ellis Kitchen‌ Combo Set is your ticket to⁤ culinary bliss. Say hello to functionality, ‍durability, and style – all in one sleek package.

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Functionality ⁣reaches new heights with our Ellis Kitchen ‌Combo Set, ‌a comprehensive solution designed by our team of experts ⁤to⁢ elevate your kitchen experience. Crafted with precision and‍ packed with unexpected extras, this combo seamlessly integrates ​a ‌high-capacity double bowl sink with a Bolden⁤ pull-down commercial style faucet, ⁣providing unparalleled ​value for your⁣ kitchen design ⁤needs.

  • Smart low divider design offers ‌the spaciousness of a single bowl​ sink​ while retaining the functionality of a double bowl, allowing for ‍convenient washing ‍of large items without the risk of overflow onto your kitchen counter.
  • Constructed from extra-thick TRU16 real ‌16-gauge stainless steel, our ⁤sink boasts durability and strength, ensuring a⁣ long-lasting addition to your‍ kitchen.
  • NoiseDefend‌ technology, ⁣including extra-thick rubber ⁢dampening pads and a non-toxic undercoat, delivers exceptional sound reduction, creating a quieter kitchen environment during dishwashing and waste disposal.
  • Undermount ⁣configuration ensures seamless installation with various countertops, facilitating easy cleanup by allowing crumbs and water to ⁢be brushed directly into the sink.

Included in the Combo Set
Double bowl sink
Commercial pull-down faucet
Custom-fit stainless⁤ steel⁤ bottom grid (x2)
Drain assembly (x2)
Mounting hardware
Cutout template

With ‍its dent-resistant construction, fully insulated design, and easy-to-clean features, our Ellis ⁣Kitchen Combo ⁣Set offers both ‌functionality and style, backed​ by a lifetime limited warranty and customer⁤ service that prioritizes your satisfaction. Experience ‍the ⁤difference today!

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Exploring the Ellis Kitchen Combo‍ Set: ⁣Functionality and‍ Style

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Embark on a culinary journey with our⁢ Ellis Kitchen Combo Set, a harmonious blend of functionality and style meticulously crafted to elevate your kitchen experience. Designed by⁣ our team of experts, this all-in-one ⁣sink ⁢and⁤ faucet combo redefine convenience, offering a plethora of unexpected features to meet ‌your kitchen design needs.

  • Smart Low Divider: Experience the spaciousness of a single bowl sink with the functionality of a double bowl. The innovative low‌ divider design not only provides ample room for washing large items but also prevents overflow onto your kitchen counter.
  • Durable Construction: ​ Crafted from TRU16 real ⁢16-gauge stainless steel, our sink boasts dent-resistant properties, ensuring longevity and enduring beauty even with daily use. The satin finish not only adds‍ elegance to your kitchen but also withstands heavy-duty tasks effortlessly.
  • NoiseDefend Technology: Bid farewell to clattering dishes with our NoiseDefend​ technology.‌ Extra-thick rubber dampening pads and a⁢ non-toxic undercoat absorb noise‌ during dishwashing and ​waste disposal, creating a serene ​environment in​ your kitchen.

Dimensions 32 1/4 in. x 18 7/8 in. x 8 3/4 in.
Installation Undermount
Faucet⁣ Height 18 inches

Enhancing the functionality ⁢of the sink ‍is our Bolden pull-down commercial style faucet, offering two versatile functions from aerated ⁤stream ‍to powerful spray. With an optimized ⁢height ⁢of 18 inches, it effortlessly fits beneath almost any kitchen cabinet, ensuring ‍easy installation without compromising on style.

Feature Highlights

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Embark ⁤on a culinary journey with our multifunctional kitchen marvel, Ellis. Crafted meticulously by our team of experts, this combo set transcends conventional sink-faucet ‍pairings, delivering a symphony of functionality and⁤ style to your kitchen. The innovative ⁢design features a smart low divider, granting the spaciousness of ⁣a single bowl ​sink coupled with the versatility of a double bowl, allowing you to effortlessly maneuver through your ⁢culinary tasks without the fear of overflow. Constructed from TRU16 real 16-gauge stainless steel, this sink embodies ​durability and resilience, promising ​a lifetime of unwavering performance. Its brushed finish not only exudes elegance but also ensures resistance against daily wear and⁣ tear, making it a seamless addition to your kitchen⁤ ensemble.

NoiseDefend Technology: Exceptional sound reduction for a ⁢quieter kitchen experience
Undermount Installation: Seamless integration with countertops, facilitating easy cleaning
2-Function Commercial Pull-Down Faucet: Transition effortlessly from aerated stream to powerful spray

Complementing this resilient sink is⁤ the Bolden pull-down commercial style faucet, designed to elevate your culinary workspace. With its 18-inch height and ⁢flexible on-demand ⁢sprayer, this faucet empowers ‍you to tackle everything from delicate ‍produce rinsing to rigorous scrubbing with ​ease. The inclusion of a ⁤stainless steel bottom grid not ‌only safeguards the ‍sink from scratches but also aids in​ efficient drainage, ensuring your ⁢kitchen remains pristine at all times. Elevate your kitchen‌ experience‌ with ⁢Ellis – where functionality meets sophistication.

Unveiling the ⁤Strengths: Key Features of the KRAUS KCA-1200 Combo Set

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When it comes to kitchen ⁤essentials, our KRAUS KCA-1200 Combo Set stands out as a comprehensive ‍solution that blends functionality and durability seamlessly. Crafted meticulously by our team of experts, this combo set⁤ embodies innovation and practicality⁤ to elevate your kitchen​ experience.

  • Smart‍ Design: With a smart low divider, our sink offers the spaciousness of a single ⁢bowl sink while providing the functionality of a double bowl. This⁣ feature allows for extra ​clearance to wash large items over both sink bowls, effectively preventing overflow onto​ the⁣ kitchen ⁣counter.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from TRU16 ​real 16-gauge ⁣stainless steel, our​ sink boasts dent-resistant properties, ensuring longevity and robustness. The satin finish not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also withstands heavy daily use without dulling.
  • Noise ⁣Reduction: Equipped​ with NoiseDefend technology, our sink minimizes sound disturbance during usage. Extra-thick rubber dampening pads and a non-toxic undercoat work in tandem‌ to ⁢absorb noise from dishwashing and waste disposal, creating a quieter kitchen environment.

Combo Set Includes
Double bowl sink
Commercial pull-down faucet
Custom-fit stainless steel bottom grid (x2)
Drain ⁣assembly (x2)
Mounting hardware
Cutout template

Additionally, ⁣our combo set​ includes a commercial pull-down⁢ faucet with​ two functions, ‍allowing you to switch⁣ effortlessly between aerated stream and powerful spray. ⁤The faucet’s optimized height ensures easy installation⁤ underneath most kitchen cabinets, while the stainless steel bottom grid included ​for free ⁤protects the sink from scratches and aids in efficient drainage. With undermount installation⁢ for a seamless ⁢transition from sink to ‍countertop, our ⁤combo set offers convenience and functionality like no other.

In-depth Analysis

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When it comes to kitchen design, the KRAUS KCA-1200 Ellis Kitchen Combo Set redefines functionality with its⁢ all-in-one sink ‌and faucet solution. Crafted with precision ⁣by our team of experts, ⁣this combo set ‌offers an ​array of unexpected extras to‌ elevate‌ your kitchen ⁤experience. The smart design features a low‍ divider in​ the ‍high-capacity double bowl sink,​ allowing you ⁣to wash large​ items over both sink ⁢bowls while preventing ​overflow onto your kitchen counter. Built ​to last, the sink boasts extra-thick TRU16 real 16-gauge ⁢construction, ensuring durability and longevity. Its brushed finish not only adds elegance but also ​withstands⁢ heavy ​use, complementing your kitchen appliances effortlessly.

NoiseDefend technology sets this combo apart, providing exceptional sound reduction during use. The sink comes fully ‍equipped with ‍noise-dampening pads and ⁣a non-toxic undercoat, ensuring a quieter kitchen environment. ‌Seamless installation is a breeze with ‌the undermount configuration, allowing for easy cleanup by ⁣brushing ‍crumbs and ​water​ directly into the sink. ⁢Essential accessories like the stainless steel grid add value by protecting the sink from scratches and ensuring proper drainage.​ Paired with the Bolden pull-down commercial style faucet, this ​combo set offers rugged flexibility⁢ and a professional aesthetic, completing your‍ kitchen ‌workspace with an on-demand pull-down sprayer.⁣ Experience ‌the ultimate value solution for your ‍kitchen design needs with the KRAUS KCA-1200 Ellis​ Kitchen Combo Set.

Beyond the Surface: Detailed Insights into the ⁣KRAUS KCA-1200‌ Ellis Combo Set

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Delving⁢ deeper into the KRAUS KCA-1200⁤ Ellis Combo Set unveils a treasure trove of⁢ functionalities meticulously ‌crafted‌ to ⁣elevate your kitchen experience. Crafted with precision by a team of​ experts, this combo set is not just a sink and faucet pairing ⁣but a comprehensive solution catering⁤ to your kitchen design needs. With a smart design boasting a low divider, ⁤this ​high-capacity double bowl sink offers the convenience of washing large items across both sink‍ bowls while effectively preventing overflow onto your‍ kitchen counter.

Constructed with extra-thick TRU16 real 16-gauge stainless steel, this sink is more than just a kitchen fixture; it’s a testament to durability. The brushed finish not only enhances ‌its robust appearance ⁤but also ensures resilience against heavy daily use. Equipped with NoiseDefend technology, this sink operates silently,⁣ thanks to extra-thick rubber dampening pads and ‌a ‌non-toxic undercoat, making dishwashing ⁣and waste disposal ⁢a tranquil affair. Seamless installation is ⁤facilitated by the undermount⁤ configuration,‍ which also aids in keeping⁣ your kitchen counter​ pristine by allowing crumbs and water to be brushed straight into⁤ the sink. Accompanied by essential accessories including a stainless steel grid, this combo set ⁤offers rugged flexibility with a professional aesthetic,​ promising a lifetime of reliability ​and performance.

Ready to elevate your kitchen experience? Get your KRAUS KCA-1200 ⁢Ellis Combo Set now and embark on a journey ⁤of culinary excellence!


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After exploring ⁢the functionalities⁣ packed into the KRAUS⁤ KCA-1200 Ellis Kitchen Combo Set, we are impressed by the seamless integration of thoughtful features that cater to ​everyday ⁢kitchen needs. The smart low divider design of⁣ the sink⁤ enhances usability, providing the spaciousness‌ of a single bowl sink while offering the‍ functionality of a ‌double bowl. This ensures ‍that washing large items becomes a hassle-free task, preventing overflow onto the ​kitchen ​counter ⁤and facilitating efficient dishwashing.

The durability⁣ of the sink, constructed from TRU16 real 16-gauge stainless steel, coupled with its dent-resistant properties, ensures longevity⁢ and⁣ resilience to daily wear and tear. The inclusion of noise reduction technology, such as the extra-thick ⁢rubber dampening pads and non-toxic undercoat, enhances user experience by minimizing noise during dishwashing and waste disposal. Furthermore, the undermount⁢ installation not only adds ‌to the aesthetics but also ⁢simplifies cleaning, as crumbs and water can be easily brushed into the sink, maintaining a tidy kitchen workspace. For those seeking a blend of functionality, ​durability, and aesthetics, this kitchen combo⁣ set offers an all-in-one solution that exceeds expectations.

Our Verdict:⁤ Specific Recommendations for Prospective Buyers

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After thoroughly‍ examining the ​features‍ and⁤ functionality of this all-in-one sink and faucet combo, we confidently recommend it ⁤as a top choice​ for those seeking convenience, durability, and style in their kitchen upgrade. The ​Ellis Kitchen Combo ⁣Set offers a smart design with a low divider, providing the spaciousness of a single bowl sink while retaining the functionality of a double bowl. ‌This feature not only enhances usability but also ‌prevents overflow onto your kitchen counter,⁢ ensuring a cleaner and more efficient ⁢workspace.

The ‍inclusion of essential accessories such⁢ as the ‍stainless steel‌ grid for scratch protection and the‍ drain ‌assembly adds significant⁤ value to this combo set. ‌Additionally, the Bolden pull-down commercial style faucet ⁤complements the sink ⁢perfectly, ‌offering⁢ flexibility and convenience with its two-function spray options. With‌ its durable construction, noise reduction technology, and easy-to-clean design, this combo set truly stands out as an exceptional ⁣choice for any kitchen renovation project. Don’t miss out on enhancing ​your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics – check it out on Amazon today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ‍scouring through numerous customer reviews, we’ve ⁤compiled an in-depth analysis of the ​KRAUS KCA-1200 Ellis Kitchen Combo Set with⁤ 33-inch 16 Gauge Undermount Kitchen Sink and Bolden⁣ 18-inch ⁤Pull-Down Commercial Style Kitchen ⁤Faucet in Spot-Free ⁣Stainless Steel Finish.

Stylish &‌ Functional Design

Pros Cons
✔️ Stylish and functional double bowl setup ❌ Scratches⁣ easily if not cleaned properly
✔️‍ Deep sink suitable for large pots and pans
✔️ ⁣Efficient soundproofing⁢ technology
✔️ Seamless undermount installation

Customers unanimously praise the stylish and functional design of the sink, especially its double bowl setup, which facilitates multitasking during kitchen chores. However, some users caution that the stainless steel material can easily scratch⁢ if not cleaned ⁢with care.

Ease of ⁢Installation & ‌Cleaning

The installation ​process ⁢is straightforward, thanks to clear instructions​ provided by KRAUS. The undermount installation lends a seamless, integrated look to the countertop, enhancing‌ the overall‍ aesthetic appeal⁢ of the kitchen. Cleaning is ⁤a breeze due to the sink’s smooth surface and rounded corners, preventing ⁢debris‍ buildup.

Superior Quality &​ Customer Service

The sink’s top-notch construction using stainless steel ensures ⁣durability and longevity, with users reporting no ⁤scratches or dents even after months of use. Customers appreciate KRAUS’ commitment to customer satisfaction,‍ citing prompt and helpful customer service in addressing queries and concerns.

High-Quality Faucet & Additional Features

The Bolden 18-inch Pull-Down‌ Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet receives high‌ praise for its ⁢functionality and durability. Users highlight its high‌ clearance, making it easy⁤ to ​accommodate large pots and pans, along with its efficient sprayer for rinsing ⁤dishes and cleaning the ​sink.

Overall Value & Satisfaction

In conclusion, the ⁣KRAUS KCA-1200 Ellis Kitchen Combo Set earns high marks for its superior quality, stylish design, and functionality. ‍Despite‌ minor concerns about scratching and rust,‍ users overwhelmingly agree that it offers ​excellent value for money, making it a standout choice for kitchen renovations.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Smart Low Divider The innovative low divider design provides the ‍spaciousness⁣ of a single bowl sink while ⁣offering ⁤the functionality of a double bowl.
2. High-Quality⁢ Construction The sink ‌is constructed from durable TRU16 real 16-gauge T304 stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting⁣ performance.
3. Noise Reduction NoiseDefend technology and extra-thick rubber dampening‌ pads ensure exceptional sound reduction during ‌use.
4. Versatile Faucet The Bolden pull-down commercial style faucet offers two‍ functions (aerated stream and ‍powerful spray) and fits underneath most kitchen cabinets for easy installation.
5. Seamless Installation The undermount⁢ configuration allows for seamless installation ⁢with⁤ various ⁤countertops, while the optimized slope prevents fragile glassware from toppling over.
6. Included ‌Accessories The kitchen combo set includes essential accessories such as stainless steel bottom grids and drain assemblies, ​providing added ⁢value.


1.⁤ Sink Size Some⁣ users may⁤ find ⁤the sink‌ size (32 1/4 in. x 18 7/8 in. x 8 3/4 in.) to be ⁢too ⁤large for ⁣smaller⁤ kitchens.
2. Faucet Height The faucet’s 18-inch height may not be suitable for all kitchen setups, especially those with low cabinets.
3. Price While the combo set offers great value,​ the initial investment may be higher compared to standalone sink or faucet options.

Overall, the ⁤KRAUS KCA-1200 Ellis Kitchen Combo Set offers a myriad of benefits, making it an excellent choice for‍ those seeking a‍ durable, functional, and stylish addition to their kitchen space.


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Q&A Section:

Q: Can you tell ⁢us more ‍about the noise‍ reduction features ​of the Ellis sink?

A: Absolutely! The Ellis sink ⁤is⁤ equipped with⁢ NoiseDefend ⁤technology, which ensures exceptional‌ sound reduction during use. This technology includes extra-thick rubber dampening pads and a non-toxic undercoat that work together to eliminate noise ⁤from dishwashing and waste disposal⁣ activities. Say goodbye to clattering dishes and enjoy a quieter ‍kitchen experience.

Q: How ⁢easy is it to install the Ellis sink and faucet combo?

A: Installing the Ellis sink ​and faucet combo is a breeze, thanks to its undermount⁣ configuration. This design allows for seamless ​installation with a variety of countertops, ensuring a clean and polished look for your kitchen. Plus, the sink⁤ comes with mounting hardware and a convenient ⁣cutout template, making​ the installation process⁤ smooth ‍and hassle-free.

Q: Does the⁢ Ellis sink come with any accessories?

A: Yes, indeed! The Ellis sink comes with several⁣ essential accessories to enhance your kitchen experience. These include custom-fit stainless⁤ steel bottom⁤ grids to‍ protect the sink from scratches and keep dishes elevated⁢ for efficient draining. Additionally, the combo set ​includes drain assemblies, ensuring⁢ you‍ have everything you need for a complete and functional setup.

Q: How durable is the Ellis sink?

A: The Ellis sink is built ​to last, thanks ‍to its ‍robust construction and high-quality materials. Crafted‍ from TRU16 real 16-gauge T304 stainless ⁢steel, ⁣this sink is dent-resistant and designed to withstand daily use without dulling. Its satin finish⁣ adds an elegant touch while ensuring long-lasting durability. Plus, with a ⁤lifetime limited warranty and⁤ customer service that prioritizes your satisfaction,‍ you can trust that the Ellis sink will stand the test of time‍ in your kitchen.

Q: Can you describe the ‌functionality ‍of the Bolden pull-down commercial style faucet?

A: Certainly! ⁤The Bolden pull-down faucet is ‌a versatile addition ​to any kitchen ⁤workspace. With ⁢its 2-function spray head, you can easily switch between an aerated stream for everyday tasks and a powerful spray for‌ heavy-duty cleaning. The​ flexible on-demand sprayer makes rinsing‌ produce⁣ and scrubbing‌ dishes a breeze. Plus, with its optimized 18-inch ⁣height,‌ the faucet fits underneath almost any kitchen cabinet‌ for easy installation. And⁢ as ‍a bonus, a stainless steel bottom grid is included for added protection and convenience.

Embrace a New ‌Era

Ellis: The Ultimate Sink & Faucet Combo插图11
As we conclude our exploration of the ​KRAUS KCA-1200 Ellis Kitchen Combo Set, we find ourselves enamored by ‍its blend of functionality, durability, ​and style. With the Ellis, kitchen chores are transformed into a seamless experience,⁢ thanks to its innovative design and thoughtful features.

From its spacious low-divider sink, ⁢ideal for tackling large pots and ‌pans,‌ to its sleek Bolden pull-down faucet with two spray options, every element of the Ellis combo set is crafted to elevate⁢ your kitchen workflow.‌ The TRU16‍ real 16-gauge stainless steel construction ensures lasting performance, while the noise-reducing technology keeps your‌ space calm and serene, even ⁣during the busiest cooking sessions.

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or a busy home chef, the Ellis promises to be your reliable companion in the kitchen, simplifying tasks and enhancing your overall experience. Don’t miss out on this ultimate kitchen solution!

Ready to upgrade your‍ kitchen with the⁤ Ellis​ combo set? Click here to discover more on Amazon and bring the magic of ‌Ellis ​into your home.

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