KOHLER Lav Faucet Cartridge: Genuine Parts for Lasting Performance

KOHLER Lav Faucet Cartridge: Genuine Parts for Lasting Performance

When it comes to maintaining ​our Kohler products, we always make sure to go ⁣for the best. That’s why we trust in Kohler Genuine ‌Parts, like the ​Kohler K-GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve in One Size and Brass. This‍ ceramic valve is ⁣designed by Kohler engineers to ‍ensure ⁣original product performance​ and longevity. With a 1/4″ turn and clockwise close, this valve comes with a ceramic disc that guarantees​ durability and long-lasting performance. Perfect for most Kohler two-handle faucets from 1990 to‍ 2010, this genuine ⁤part is a must-have for any Kohler product owner. Join us as we dive into ‌the details of this Kohler Ceramic Valve and discover why it’s an essential addition to our collection.

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When it comes to maintaining the longevity⁤ and performance of our KOHLER products, we always make sure to look for the KOHLER GENUINE‌ PARTS logo. This ceramic valve is ‍a prime example of quality engineering, designed‍ by KOHLER engineers⁢ to ensure ‌durability and long-lasting performance. The 1/4″⁣ turn‌ ceramic valve features​ a clockwise ‍close, making it convenient ⁣and‍ easy to ‌use with most KOHLER two ‌handle faucets from 1990⁤ to 2010.

The ceramic disc of this valve is what sets it apart, guaranteeing not only durability ​but⁤ also a smooth and reliable performance over time.‍ When it comes to replacing valves, it’s crucial⁢ to use the same valve model to maintain the original product performance.‍ In this case, upgrading to Ultra glide is⁣ not possible, but with this KOHLER GENUINE ​PART, you⁣ can rest assured that your faucet will continue to ⁢function flawlessly for‍ years to come.

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High-Quality Material​ and ⁣Durability

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When it comes to the material and durability of the Kohler K-GP77005-RP ‍Ceramic ‍Valve, we were⁢ thoroughly impressed. The ceramic disc not only ensures long-lasting performance but‌ also adds a level of durability that we haven’t seen‌ in other​ valves. The 1/4″ turn feature makes ⁣for easy use and​ the clockwise​ close function is a convenient touch that we appreciated. This valve is designed to be compatible ‌with⁤ most Kohler two-handle faucets from‍ 1990⁣ to 2010,⁢ making it a versatile choice for a wide range of fixtures. Plus, the fact that it is a ⁢Kohler Genuine​ Part gives us extra peace of mind knowing that it is designed by Kohler engineers to maintain original product performance.

In our‌ experience, finding a high-quality material and durable valve ‍like the Kohler K-GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve is essential⁣ for maintaining the longevity of our Kohler ⁣products. This valve exceeded ‍our ⁢expectations with its ‍solid construction and⁣ reliable performance. The fact‍ that it cannot be upgraded‌ to Ultra Glide valves may be ​a downside for‍ some, but for us, the durability and long-lasting performance of the ceramic disc more than make up for it. Overall, we highly recommend ‍this valve​ for anyone looking to replace their existing Kohler two-handle faucet valves with a product that is built to⁤ last. Check it out on Amazon today!

Smooth and Precise Operation

When it comes to the operation of the Kohler K-GP77005-RP Ceramic ​Valve, we were⁣ thoroughly impressed ⁣by its smooth and precise performance. The 1/4″ turn ceramic valve allows for easy and seamless control, ensuring a clockwise close every time. This ceramic disc⁢ technology not ‌only guarantees ‌durability but also promises long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for any Kohler two handle ​faucet from the years 1990 to 2010. We found that the valves need to be replaced with the same valve, as they‍ cannot be upgraded to Ultra⁣ glide, ‍but with the Kohler GENUINE PART⁢ logo on this product, we have no doubt in ⁤its authenticity ‍and compatibility.

In our experience, the Kohler K-GP77005-RP‌ Ceramic Valve lived up ‍to its promise of maintaining original product performance and promoting⁢ product longevity. The ‌ease of installation​ and the seamless operation of this valve make⁣ it a ​top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their ⁢Kohler faucet.⁣ With our confidence in Kohler⁢ GENUINE PARTS designed by Kohler engineers, we are certain that this ceramic valve is a smart investment ⁢for the functionality and reliability of your faucet. For a⁤ that ⁤you can rely on,​ we highly recommend considering the Kohler⁢ K-GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve. Click here to get your own today!

Installation‍ Tips and Final Thoughts

When it comes​ to installing the‍ Kohler K-GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve, our experience was ⁢smooth and ⁣hassle-free. Here are some installation tips to ensure a successful set-up:

  • Make ​sure⁢ to carefully follow the manufacturer’s ⁣instructions for ‍a seamless installation process.
  • Double check the compatibility of the valve with‌ your faucet model to avoid any issues down‍ the line.
  • Take ‍your time​ during ‍the installation to ensure everything is ⁢properly fitted⁤ and secured.

Overall, we⁣ are pleased with the performance ‍and durability of this ceramic valve. The 1/4″ turn design makes it⁢ easy to use ‌and the ceramic‍ disc ensures long-lasting quality.⁢ For ​those in⁤ need of a reliable⁢ replacement valve for their‍ Kohler ​two-handle​ faucet, ⁢this is a solid choice. Don’t hesitate to upgrade ⁢your faucet with this Kohler Genuine Part for lasting performance.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully examining the customer reviews for the ‍Kohler K-GP77005-RP‌ Ceramic Valve, we found a common theme among the feedback. ⁣Overall, the majority of ​customers seemed to be satisfied⁢ with the product, highlighting its high quality and ease of installation.

Positive Feedback

Fit perfectly, ‌fixed our ⁢Kohler double handle⁤ faucet.
Very precise ⁢and fine surface quality.
Perfect replacement for the Kohler Forté Sink Faucets.
Well made and sure to last 15+ years.

Negative Feedback

Some customers faced difficulties with the⁣ removal of the old⁣ cartridges, mentioning that it could be challenging with normal hand tools. One customer mentioned the entire valve body rotating during removal, suggesting the use of an​ impact⁤ gun for ⁤easier removal.

Key Takeaways

  • Customers appreciated the OEM Kohler quality and reasonable pricing.
  • Installation was straightforward for ‌most customers, with positive feedback on the product performance.
  • Some customers encountered issues with removal, recommending additional tools like a impact gun ‍for easier extraction.

In conclusion, the Kohler K-GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve seems to be a reliable⁢ replacement part for Kohler faucets, offering‌ lasting performance and ​ease of installation.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Genuine KOHLER part
2. Designed for lasting performance
3. Easy to install
4. Durable ceramic disc


1. Valves need to be ⁢replaced with​ the same valve
2. Cannot upgrade to Ultra glide


Q:‌ What exactly is this Kohler K-GP77005-RP Ceramic⁤ Valve used for?

A: The Kohler K-GP77005-RP ⁤Ceramic Valve is ⁣designed for most Kohler two-handle faucets ‍from 1990 ⁣to 2010. It is a 1/4″ turn ceramic valve ⁢that ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Q: Can I replace my current valve with ⁣this Kohler K-GP77005-RP⁣ Ceramic Valve?

A: Yes, ​you ‍can replace your current valve with this ⁤Kohler ‍K-GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve as⁣ long as your‍ faucet falls within the specified range of 1990 ‍to 2010. It is important to ⁤note that valves need to be replaced with the same valve and cannot be upgraded to Ultra glide.

Q: How do I know‌ that this Kohler K-GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve is a genuine⁤ Kohler product?

A:⁣ To ⁤ensure that ⁤you are getting a genuine ⁤Kohler product,⁢ always look for the⁢ Kohler GENUINE PARTS logo. Kohler GENUINE PARTS⁢ are designed by Kohler engineers to⁤ maintain original product performance and promote product longevity.

Q: Is the installation process difficult for this⁣ Kohler K-GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve?

A: The installation process for the Kohler K-GP77005-RP Ceramic Valve is⁤ straightforward and should not be too challenging ​for those with basic plumbing knowledge. If you⁢ are‌ unsure about installing it yourself,​ we recommend‍ consulting a professional ‍plumber.

Discover the Power

As we wrap up our review of the KOHLER K-GP77005-RP Ceramic⁢ Valve, we ⁤can confidently say that this genuine part is essential for maintaining the lasting performance of your KOHLER lav faucet. ‌With ‍its ‌ceramic disc ensuring durability and long-lasting functionality, you can trust that this ​valve will keep your faucet running smoothly⁤ for years to come. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to replacement⁢ parts – choose KOHLER GENUINE PARTS for guaranteed quality and performance.

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