Revamping Your Tub: Our Honest Review of the Faucet Clawfoot Tub

Revamping Your Tub: Our Honest Review of the Faucet Clawfoot Tub

Ah, the joys of soaking in a luxurious ⁢clawfoot tub. There’s just something ​about the elegance and ​charm‌ of these classic fixtures that elevate any bathroom space. However, finding the perfect faucet to complement your clawfoot‍ tub can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we ‌were​ thrilled to come across⁢ the Heavy Duty 3 3/8″ Centers⁢ Chrome Plated Diverter Clawfoot Tub Faucet. This bathcock diverter​ not only adds a touch of sophistication to our ​tub but also boasts durable⁢ lever handles ‌and a cast brass waterway. With easy installation featuring 3-3/8″ centers and 3/4″⁢ MIP connections, ​this faucet​ has quickly become a favorite in our household. Join us ‌as we dive into a​ detailed‍ review of ‍this must-have tub ⁢accessory.

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We recently had the opportunity to ⁤try out a bathcock diverter ‍with‌ lever handles and a cast brass waterway, and we were quite impressed with its‍ performance.‍ This diverter is‌ designed ⁣to be installed with 3-3/8″ centers, 3/4″ MIP⁤ connections, ‍and a 3/8″ riser⁤ connection, making it‌ versatile and easy to ​set up. The replacement ​parts ⁢for this diverter are readily available, with stems​ for⁣ hot and cold,⁣ seats, and handles all easily replaceable in case of wear and tear.

The sleek chrome ⁣plated design of the diverter adds a ‍touch of elegance to any ⁢clawfoot tub, while the durable ⁢construction ensures longevity and reliability. With dimensions of 5.75 x 5.75 x 3⁣ inches, ⁤this diverter ⁢is compact yet powerful, providing a⁣ seamless‌ shower​ or bath experience every time. If you’re looking ⁤for a heavy-duty diverter that combines style ⁣and functionality, this product​ is ⁤definitely worth considering. Check​ it out on Amazon to add it to your bathroom essentials! Click here to get yours‍ now!

Key ⁢Features⁣ and Benefits

When it comes to the of this diverter ​clawfoot ⁤tub ‍faucet, we are impressed by the durable chrome plating that⁤ adds‍ an elegant touch to any bathroom decor. The lever handles make it‍ easy to adjust the water⁤ flow and temperature, providing a comfortable and spa-like bathing‌ experience.​ With a cast brass waterway, you can ​trust in the quality ⁢and⁣ reliability of this faucet for years to come.

The installation ​of this faucet ⁣is straightforward with 3-3/8″⁢ centers,‌ 3/4″ MIP connections, and⁣ a 3/8″ riser ‌connection. Additionally, the⁢ availability of replacement parts like stems and seats ensures‍ that‌ maintenance⁢ is simple and convenient. Whether you’re looking⁢ to upgrade your existing ⁢clawfoot⁢ tub faucet ⁢or need a⁢ reliable option ⁤for‍ a⁢ new ⁤installation,‍ this heavy-duty diverter faucet from Proplus is a great choice.Upgrade your bathroom with this stylish and functional clawfoot tub faucet today and enjoy a luxurious ‌bathing experience ⁢every time.

In-depth Analysis

When it comes to⁤ our of this tub faucet,‌ we ⁣were impressed by its ‍sturdy construction ‌and elegant design. The ‌lever handles‌ and​ cast brass waterway ⁤not​ only​ provide durability but​ also⁢ add‍ a touch of⁢ sophistication to any bathroom. The installation ‍with 3-3/8″ centers, 3/4″ MIP connections, and​ a 3/8″‌ riser connection⁤ makes it easy to integrate into‌ any existing ‌setup.

Furthermore, the availability of replacement parts such ⁢as the hot and​ cold stems, seat, and handles ensures that this faucet will have a ​long lifespan. ⁤The compact dimensions of ‌5.75 x 5.75 x 3 ‍inches make it suitable for⁢ various ⁢bathroom configurations. ‌Overall, we highly recommend this product for anyone looking to upgrade their clawfoot tub with a‌ reliable⁣ and stylish faucet. Check it out on Amazon ‍for more details!

Manufacturer ProPlus
Item Weight 0.01 ounces

Our Recommendation

After thoroughly examining the features and quality of this diverter clawfoot‌ tub​ faucet, we confidently recommend it to our customers. The lever ⁣handles ‍and cast‌ brass​ waterway make it a durable and reliable ⁣choice for any bathroom. Additionally, the easy installation with⁣ 3-3/8″ centers and 3/4″ MIP connections ensures a hassle-free setup process.

<p>For those concerned about replacement parts, this faucet offers convenient options including stems, seats, and handles. The manufacturer, ProPlus, has a reputation for producing high-quality products, further solidifying  for this particular model. With its sleek chrome plated finish and practical design, this diverter clawfoot tub faucet is a must-have for any modern bathroom.</p>

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After going through numerous customer reviews of the Heavy Duty 3 ‍3/8″ Centers ⁣Chrome Plated Diverter Clawfoot Tub Faucet, we​ have gathered some valuable insights to help‍ you make an informed decision before‍ revamping ‍your tub.⁣ Here’s a summary of the​ key points ⁢highlighted by customers:

Review Pros Cons
Perfect faucet at ⁣a great price Good⁤ quality Stems may need replacement after a few years
Easy to install and reliable Perfect fit and easy installation Shower fitting ​may be fragile
Quick find on ​Amazon Works beautifully with no dripping
Sturdy and functional Sturdier than older models, ​works well
Great fit for​ older tubs Works great with⁣ shower fitment May not last​ forever
Decent replacement with some drawbacks Nice look, easy ⁣install May feel less quality, water settings issues
Perfect replacement at​ a ⁢great price Great price, perfect replacement
Well-built and long-lasting Very⁣ well built, exact replacement
Happy with dimensions ​and price Exact dimensions, reasonable price
Easy installation

Overall, the feedback on the Heavy Duty‍ 3 3/8″ Centers Chrome Plated ⁢Diverter Clawfoot Tub Faucet has been mostly positive, with customers praising its affordability, ease of installation, and ‍durability. However, some users have pointed out issues with ⁤potential stem replacements, ⁣water setting problems, and fragile parts. It’s recommended to consider​ these factors⁤ before making your purchase⁤ decision.

Pros & Cons

Pros &‌ Cons


1. Easy ⁢to install ⁢with 3-3/8″ centers
2. Sturdy chrome plated design
3. Reliable cast brass waterway
4. Includes lever handles for easy operation


1. Replacement⁣ parts may be needed over time
2. Limited color options (only available in‌ chrome)
3. Higher price point ⁤compared to standard tub faucets

Overall, the Heavy Duty 3 3/8″ Centers Chrome Plated Diverter Clawfoot ‍Tub Faucet ‌is ⁤a reliable and stylish choice for revamping ‌your tub. While it may⁤ require occasional maintenance, ⁣its durable design and ease of use make it a⁣ worthwhile investment ⁣for any bathroom ‌renovation project.


Q: Can‍ this clawfoot tub faucet be installed‌ by ⁤someone without plumbing experience?

A: While we always ​recommend having a professional plumber install any ⁢new faucet, this Heavy Duty‍ Clawfoot Tub Faucet⁤ is relatively easy to install for those with some DIY experience. The clear instructions provided should help guide ‌you through the process.

Q: Is this faucet compatible with all types of clawfoot tubs?

A:⁣ This⁤ faucet is⁢ designed ⁤to fit tubs with 3-3/8″ centers, so be sure to measure your tub before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

Q:‌ How durable is the chrome plated finish on this faucet?

A: The ​chrome plated ⁣finish on this faucet is quite durable and should hold ⁤up well ‍over⁣ time with proper care and maintenance.

Q: Are replacement‍ parts ⁣readily available ‌for⁣ this faucet?

A: Yes, replacement ‍parts for this faucet, such as ⁤stems, ⁢seats, and handles, are all available ⁣from the manufacturer, making ⁣it ⁣easy‍ to keep your faucet in top working‌ condition for years ‌to come.

Q: Does ‌this‍ faucet come with a warranty?

A:⁤ Unfortunately, there is no information on the manufacturer’s website ‍about a​ warranty‌ for ⁤this faucet. However, the​ quality of the materials ⁤used and the​ solid construction ⁣of the⁣ faucet should provide peace of​ mind for most users.

Transform ⁣Your​ World

In conclusion,⁢ the Heavy Duty 3​ 3/8″ Centers⁢ Chrome Plated ‍Diverter Clawfoot Tub Faucet is a reliable⁢ and stylish​ choice⁤ for revamping your tub. With its lever⁢ handles, ​cast brass waterway, and easy installation, this faucet is sure to elevate your bathing experience.

If you’re​ ready⁢ to upgrade your tub and experience the luxury⁤ of this‌ high-quality faucet,‌ click here to purchase: Get your own Clawfoot Tub Faucet now!

Thank you for joining us on ⁤this review ⁤journey. Stay tuned for more honest and informative product reviews from​ our ‍team!

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